About Me

About me, your lovely webmitress. Here are some links. (please note that some are not working yet as I am still trying to get my site back in order)

  • About me
    Basic info, Just like a questionaire, nothing really in depth.
  • Astrology
    What do the stars say about me?
  • Children
    A blurb about the reason I live, my children.
  • Random Facts
    Just some oddball facts about me
  • Pictures
    Exactly what it says, come see what I look like.

A little bit outdated information – Circa 2005-2007 :

  • Erotica
    Well my erotic stories that I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. *WARNING MATURE*
  • My Favorites
    More indepth things, basically my favorite things like foods, authors.. etc
  • Pets
    Mmmm The animals that share our home.
  • Poetry
    Come read my poetry.
  • 50 Book Challenge
    Started in 2005, finished February 5th, 2007. Didn’t mean for it to take so long.
  • Recent Movies
    My reviews/thoughts on recent movies I’ve seen. (I don’t get out often, expect new releases like DVD’s)
  • Webcam
    Pictures of me on my webcam.

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