Siting there in the shower letting the water hit me
its too hot and it cuts into my skin, my blood mixes with the water
twirling down into darkness, the water soothes me
warmth, heat, lust, until the water slices into my heart
then it freezes….
the arms of death wrap around me, holding me in its chilling embrace
as the life is ripped from me
my soul is free
flying, until I am caught
a demon embraces me
my angels heart looses its innocence, as the grace falls from me
angels take my soul, the demons grab what is left….
a face in the darkness cold and alone
that is all I am left
shadows creep into my eyes
chaos is around me
I scream out yet no one hears me,
the ones that do dont believe me
my truth is smeared my face is there, screaming into the darkness
the shadow of what I used to be playing over and over into my head
death seduces me again
I die
letting the blood flow from me
my heart chilling everything it touches
what is love without truth, truth without sernity and sernity without love?
a neverending triangle
this is my eternity

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