Falling from grace
in to Satan’s Embrace
life eternal
the blood flowing from my veins
the souls of mortal men taste
the blood on their lips
giving into their darkest fears
and deepest desires
quixotic thoughts dance in their head
reaching out
for something they want
never realizing that they have
the blood flows, deep into their hearts
and I have them, capitivated
they watch my every move, seduced by me
tasting my blood within their veins
our hearts beat as one
our souls wrap around eachother
yet they are blind to see
that I have them …..
enchained by their own desire
they are bound to me
never realizing that they are their own captors….
that is what one pays for eternal life
defined not by the passion in our souls but the depth of our love
our life eternal, our souls innertwined.

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