Welcome to the Unhinged website!, I hope you enjoy your stay. We are a new guild (Relatively, depending on when you read this!) on the server Shadowsong! As we are new, we're still forming the basis for our guild, However what we do know is that we plan on being a closer knit raiding guild! We have a bunch of great people, and we invite you to browse, view, chat and perhaps join our merry band of pirat.. erm guild =)

Casual Guild

Unhinged is a close-knit casual (Raiding) guild. What does that mean?

First off, what we mean by close-knit is that we tend to close invitations after a large number of new folks join to give everyone time to settle. We strive to not be one of those 'guilds of strangers'.

Now, about casual. This means a few different things to us:

  • We take two approaches to raiding - there are dedicated teams and there are open runs.
  • When we setup guild raids and events and you sign up - you take responsbility for attendence.
  • If you wish to make an open run, and save yourself to a raid, you most likely will not be able to raid with the guild.
  • We don't require people to be certain levels, classes, or talents.


*Note - Any alternate characters are always welcome.

What We are

First of all, we're about developing our characters as a team and growing our friendships along with the ability to work together. Most of us are dedicated to being extremely high quality players and be able to enjoy all the content the game has to offer.

We expect the same of all of our members - to strive for exceptional.

As far as the guild goals, we are a jack of all trades:

  • 5 mans (especially in heroic mode)
  • Raiding content (both 10 and 25 mans)
  • PVP - including Battlegrounds and Arena

Guild Ranks

There are basically five guild ranks:

  • Gnome - this rank is what you start out at. The only limitation being a Gnome brings is that you cannot request things from the guild bank. There will be more on how to leave gnome rank further in this tour.
  • Minion - These are guild alts!
  • Underling - This is the rank most guild members are. Be proud!
  • Denizen - This is reserved for the more serious/veteran players in the guild!
  • Godling - Officer alts! Woo hoo :D Erm.. Yeah :D These are the people that if you see them on are in control of various aspects of the guild, well, I hope you know what officers do!
  • God - Why yes, yes we do have a complex! hehe, Gods are in control of well being an officer! All guild issues that you do not go to Me about, go to them. These are also your raid leaders! If you have suggestions on what we are doing, or questions or concerns you go to them (or the next rank which is...)
  • Supreme Goddess - Oh hey! That's me :D I am your Supreme Goddess, Erm. Guild Leader.


Don't be an asshat.

Asshats will be fed to mutant, ill-tempered sea bass (with freakin lasers) and they'll decide your fate.

Examples of complete asshattery:

  • Spamming guild channel.
  • Griefing people.
  • Scamming people.
  • and many others.

Don't be a troll. Remember how you act is reflected upon the guild as a whole.


Two sets of loot rules, smaller PVE (5/10 man) and raiding.

  • PVE:BOP - need if you need it ON the character you're on, otherwise pass if there is a disenchanter (who will d/e it and you all /roll on the results). All greed if no d/e.
  • PVE:BOE - need if you need it ON the character you're on. Greed otherwise. If you really NEED it for an alt, ask the group if anyone minds a need.
  • Raiding: Mostly this is Suicide Kings, but the Gods can clarify per team.
  • Guild Bank: We have a buncha tabs! Gnomes trying to access the bank may be also fed to the sea bass. Otherwise, try to adhere to the use of each Tab outlined in-game.


Some of the guild technology is very powerful, very helpful, and mandantory:

  • Ventrilo This is required in order to raid. We have our own Vent server and you are expected to be on it. Download here.
  • Deadly Boss Mods (DBM). This is a very good tool to have for boss fights, please pay attention to the warnings and keep it updated. Download here.
  • Omen Threat Meter . This helps you to control your aggro against the tanks. If you pull too much, you're dead. Download here .


Gnome rank has a mandantory three week waiting period minimum before you can become an Underling.

You also must meet some basic requirements, which any guildies will help you meet:

  • You need to register on the forums. Please use an email you check semi-regularly to sign up. We won't spam, but the forums can be a critical way to get in touch.
  • Downloaded and are currently using the required addons and programs.
  • You must have shown-up for all raids that you signed up for.
  • You must have shown us that you're willing, able, and availble.

If you do not achieve Underling status in your first six weeks, we may opt to remove you from the guild, so don't delay in these requirements.